Inspiration Machine

A Family-Friendly Activity to Choose Your Coloring Pages

Not sure what to draw for your awesome Imaginables creation!? Our Inspiration Machine is here to help! Simply make your selections at each step and we’ll provide you with a helpful DIY pack to inspire your own amazing art.

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Select Your Creature Type

  • Lions, tigers, elephants, etc.
  • Cows, horses, chickens, etc.
  • Dragons, fairies, goblins, etc.
  • Birds, cats, dogs, etc.
  • Princesses, heroes, firefighters, etc.
  • Whales, fish, seahorses, etc.
  • Robots, dinos, teddy bears, etc.
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Select Your Extras

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YAY! Your Inspiration Pack is Being Compiled!

Your pack includes printable templates of your special creature and all the awesome extras you selected.

  • - Cut them out and paste them together
  • - Trace the pieces and color them in
  • - Or draw something completely new based on your templates

Whatever you decide to do, we can’t wait to see what you create! :)

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How Does the Inspiration Machine Work?

Our helpful machine guides your family’s inspiration journey. We help you decide what you would like to draw as your Imaginables character and which accessories you’d like your character to have.

The Inspiration Machine is a fun activity to do both by yourself or with your kiddos.